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Petri Dish

Consortium of Scientists for Pandemic Preparedness

Assembling ecosystem resources to proactively prepare for future pandemics.

A collection of thought leaders, innovators, and practitioners advancing the field of pandemic preparedness research

The Consortium of Scientists for Pandemic Preparedness (CSPP) seeks to decrease the impact of future pandemics by addressing current challenges to ensure the appropriate therapeutic, diagnostic, and vaccine products are considered.

Public Health and Epidemiology

Sources of viral threats, host-to human transmission, communication among government, NGO, academic, and industrial key opinion leaders

Basic Science

Areas include structural biology, immunology and immune programming, medicinal chemistry/chemical biology.

Data Science

Coordination of medical and clinical data into interoperable platforms, data analytics and machine learning, biosimulations. 

Clinical Science and Product Development

  • Therapeutics: small molecules and antibodies, combination products, repurposed drugs, etc.

  • Diagnostics: rapid and cost-effective infection detection

  • Vaccines: robust prophylactics and pan-vaccines for virus families

Teaching and Training

Programs to develop scientists and technicians at all levels (i.e., undergraduate to post-doctoral) and can range from introductory exposure to research methods to independent study. 

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